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Friday the 13th is Unlucky Everywhere:

Many people believe that Friday the 13th is universally considered unlucky. However, this superstition is primarily Western, and in some cultures, other days like Tuesday the 13th are considered unlucky. Highlight the cultural variations surrounding this superstition.

Humans Only Use 10% of Their Brain:

This widespread belief suggests that humans only use a small portion of their brain capacity. In reality, brain imaging research has shown that virtually all parts of the brain have some function at any given time. Provide information about the complexity and full utilization of the human brain.

Einstein Failed Math:

It’s often said that Albert Einstein failed math in school. While he did struggle with the traditional education system and had conflicts with some teachers, this claim is an exaggeration. Einstein was actually quite proficient in mathematics from a young age.

Bulls Hate the Color Red:

The idea that bulls are provoked by the color red is a misconception perpetuated by bullfighting culture. Bulls are colorblind to red; they are actually agitated by the movement of the matador’s cape. Explain the science behind bull behavior and color perception.

Napoleon was Extremely Short:

Napoleon Bonaparte is commonly believed to have been very short. However, his height was average for his time, around 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters). The misconception might have arisen from differences in measurement units and political propaganda. Provide historical context and accurate height measurements.

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