Possessive Meaning In English With Definition & Examples

Possessive Meaning In English: Here you can discover the best definition and meaning of Possessive in English with its example sentences, explanation, synonyms, antonyms, word forms, and many more.

Possessive Meaning In English

♪: Idiom: adjective

  • Possessive
  • Regarding the owners
  • Being overprotective
  • To Dominate
  • Proprietrial
  • Being Jealous
  • Indicatation of possession
  • Ownership and rights
  • Only related to me
  • Is entitled
  • Owns

Definition And Explanation Of Possessive In English

Possessive is one of the most-used English words that refer to demanding possession or ownership for someone or something. It indicates ownership or proprietary rights.

  1. It is all about being overprotective or over caring.
  2. Demands one’s attention, care, love, protection, and many more.
  3. Excessive desires to dominate other people.
  4. Relating to ownership or rights.
  5. Desires or owning.
  6. An act of showing a desire to dominate or control.
  7. Being greedy (Desire more than what he deserve)
  8. Expressing an indication of being possession and domination.
  9. It is nothing but expressing ownership of someone or something.

Example Sentences Of Possessive In English

  1. He is very possessive about his girlfriend.
  2. Because of your possessive nature, your boyfriend had left you alone.
  3. Being over-possessive sometimes harms you and your relationship.
  4. He looked at her and extend his possessive hand towards her lips.
  5. Just leave my house as soon as possible because my husband is very possessive.
  6. Helen is really a possessive girl.
  7. My parents are very possessive.
  8. Small kids are very possessive about their toys.
  9. Possessive is the pronoun that you can use in the article.
  10. Nowadays, he is becoming so possessive and jealous.

Synonyms Of Possessive In English

  • proprietorial
  • overprotective
  • clinging
  • controlling
  • dominating
  • jealous
  • grasping
  • greedy
  • acquisitive
  • covetous
  • selfish
  • grabby

Word Form

  • Possessives (Verb)
  • Possessing (Present Participle Verb)
  • Possessed (Past Participle Verb)
  • Possessiveness (Adjective)

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